Will we be ringing the changes in Cirencester?

A red telephone box. Image by luxstorm from Pixabay

Cirencester Town Council is asking local residents to help ring the changes for the town.

The council has the opportunity to relocate and refurbish an unused and decommissioned red heritage phone box.

This, they say, is an exciting opportunity to incorporate much-loved heritage into Cirencester’s Market Place.

To enable the project, the council has launched a crowdfunding initiative.

Ideas for the future use of the phone box include, in the summer, a selfie destination for locals and tourists, incorporating information which promotes the town’s incredible history, independent shops and inspirational events, as well as awareness of climate issues.

In the winter months it could be used to meet local needs, such as a food bank, incorporating information about how to find shelter and access mental health and well-being support.

There is just a short time left so if you feel you can help please visit the town council website for more details.


Image by luxstorm from Pixabay