Warning To Drivers About New Cameras…

Local drivers have been warned that extra enforcement for bus lanes in Gloucestershire is being introduced.

Gloucestershire County Council has started installing three bus lane cameras in Gloucester and Cheltenham to help keep the lanes clear for buses, taxis and cyclists.

They will be switched on in January 2021.

Eagle-eyed residents in Cheltenham may have noticed signs for a bus lane camera have started to go up in Lansdown Road.

The other two locations are Brunswick Road and Clarence Street in Gloucester.

Although these new cameras will enforce bus lanes which have been in place for a while, the council will still operate a two week grace period where warning notices will be issued while drivers get used to the change.

Cllr Dave Norman, cabinet member for parking said “These bus lanes have been in place for a number of years but there are still a small minority who think they can ignore the rules.

“That needs to stop and these cameras will help do that.”