Time To Remember Our “Glorious Glosters”

Corinium Radio is inviting listeners to help commemorate a famous battle with important local connections.

We’re marking the 70th anniversary of the historic Battle of Imjin River this weekend.

The battle involved soldiers from the Gloucestershire Regiment and was a key point during the Korean War.

It has been described as the Glorious Glosters’ greatest battle.

Join us for a special documentary by Andrew Vincent entitled Last Stand At Imjin River, which is being broadcast at 3pm on Sunday 25th April.

It will also be available on our Listen Again facility.

Also on Sunday at 1pm there will be a special service from the Memorial Chapel of Gloucester Cathedral.

Organised by the Imjin 70 group and led by the Right Reverend Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester, the service will remember the soldiers from the Gloucestershire Regiment who held up to 10,000 communist soldiers at this point of the war.

Given the size of the chapel and the current Covid restrictions, members of the public will not be able to attend but will be able to tune in by clicking this link.


Lt, Col. Tony Ayres, who leads the group, said, “The battle of the Imjin River was a prolonged battle over four solid days of fighting, followed by two years in a Chinese Prisoner of War camp for the majority of those who survived.

“We feel that despite the restrictions we must commemorate these sacrifices on the actual anniversary of the battle.

“The Imjin River was a turning point in the Korean War and the time that the “Glosters” bought the UN forces to re-group enabled South Korea to become the successful and peaceful nation it has grown into today.”

The service coincides with the final day of the battle, which was held in South Korea from April 22nd – 25th 1951.

The Korean War took place between 1950 and 1953.

The conflict was between North Korean troops supported by Russia and China and South Korea and the United Nations.