Sofa Sing-a-longs Prove A Big Hit!

Older isolated people across England and Wales are singing on their sofas every week with the Golden-Oldies Charity.

And that includes residents of Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.

“Goldies” as it is more fondly known, was forced by Covid to cancel all of its 220 FUN daytime Sing & Smile sessions back in March. Within weeks the Charity introduced online singing with its popular formula of 60s hits and sessions shared by Rachel Parry and Cheryl Davies (pictured), two of the charity’s popular session leaders.

Grenville Jones, Goldies founder, said“The response was immediate and in July we were able to get funding to increase to twice weekly sessions. Rachel going live every Tuesday and Cheryl leading the singalongs every Thursday.”

As the sessions have progressed, they have been supported, promoted and followed by many other Age-Related organisations across England and Wales.

The Tuesday sessions with Rachel now take a more magazine-style approach with inserted public health information videos and ‘appearances’ from many of the session leaders who previously delivered the daytime sessions.

With a designated website the pre-recorded sessions go live on YouTube and on Facebook every week where they can, of course, be revisited at any time. There is feedback every week from across the UK.

Mary Tamburella sent one of the many, many comments received in recent weeks.

“Thank you, I really do love the sessions. My sister in law lives with me. She has dementia and I play them to her most nights before bed.”

Grenville added “If Goldies was important to lonely older isolated people prior to Covid, then now our work is even more vital to combat isolation and well-being, reaching out to those who are vulnerable and stuck at home.”

With Christmas on the horizon Rachel and Cheryl are currently working towards a very special Christmas Carol Concert which will be broadcast the Wednesday prior to Christmas Day. It will include popular carols and special performances for everyone to enjoy at home.

Even in Lockdown everyone can enjoy a Goldies Christmas.

All enquiries to Grenville Jones 0777 828 2934