Lady Bathurst Hits Out At Social Media Abuse

Cirencester’s Lady Bathurst has hit out after becoming a target of social media abuse.

She says she’s been bullied after plans for access changes to Cirencester Park came to light.

The matter became a hot topic of discussion locally amid speculation about possible charges for some visitors if the changes go ahead.

Social media activity led Lady Bathurst to say she had been subjected to “some of the worst online bullying and libellous claims I have ever experienced”.

She explained, “The abuse over the last few days has been personal, extremely painful and deeply upsetting.”

Lady Bathurst posted online that the proposed changes were not her idea or her decision.

And she added that she was uncomfortable with the growing belief that this was all her doing. It was not, she emphasised.

She added that the Bathurst Estate was the author of the initiative and comments should be directed to the estate office.

Earlier, Lady Bathurst had posted that since 1695, when the Bathurst family first came to Cirencester, the estate had always been available to the community free of charge.

And she reassured local residents, “This will continue. If you live in Cirencester your access to the park will remain unchanged.”

The wish, she added, was to maintain the park and to improve facilities in many places, including the development of a visitor centre and even loos!

She pointed out that no final decisions had been made. It was all being done very carefully and with all consideration for the community.

The picture with this article is by Roger May and shows Cirencester Park and House.