‘Knitivity’ Welcomes Festive Season

A 100-year-old resident of a sheltered housing scheme in Combe Down in Bath is bringing a little festive joy to passers-by with a nativity scene she’s knitted.

Prolific knitter Ethel White took just two weeks to create the festive scene, which includes Mary and Joseph, baby Jesus in a manger, the three wise men, shepherds and a donkey.

Ethel said,”It didn’t take me very long at all. I’ve been knitting 80 years and am knitting all the time.

“I’ve put it in my window so people can see it when they go by and show it to their children. I wanted to do my bit at Christmas to try to cheer people up.”

Jan Welsh, shift leader at the Orchard Extra Care Centre, where Ethel lives, said, “Ethel really is amazing. She’s always knitting. She knits for charity and has raised more than £4,000.