It’s A First-class Christmas For This Local Church.

An historic Cotswolds church is spreading the Christmas cheer this year.

St Andrew’s Church, Coln Rogers, near Cirencester. is stamping its mark across the country this festive season.

The local church is featured on the 2020 set of Christmas stamps from the Royal Mail.

This latest set consists of eight elegant stamps featuring Nativity scenes depicted in the stained-glass windows of Anglican churches across the country.

There are six standard portrait and two large landscape special stamps.

Stained-glass celebrations of the uplifting Nativity story appear on these eight Christmas stamps, featuring scenes of the new-born infant Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

Royal Mail says “The images showcase the detail and craftsmanship of this highly specialised decorative art.

Our local St Andrew’s Church is featured on the  first-class and first-class large stamps.