Helping Cyclists To Stay Safe On Our Roads

Corinium Radio’s backing for a major local road-safety campaign continues.

This week cyclists are in the spotlight.

During April the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and Gloucestershire Constabulary are running a “Safe and Social Roads” campaign to support safety among cyclists and motorcyclists.

This month’s campaign is aimed at road users who are particularly vulnerable at this time of year.

Last week we focused on motorcyclists but this time we’re concentrating on pedal power. Key messages regarding cyclists include:

  • For riders to make eye contact with drivers as they approach a junction, to ensure drivers are aware of their presence.
  • For road users to be reminded to keep a 1.5 metre gap when overtaking a cyclist – and that applies for passing horse riders too.
  • To spread awareness of the ‘Dutch Reach’ method of opening a vehicle’s door, to avoid hitting a passing cyclist.

Have you heard about the Dutch Reach?

This technique helps avoid cyclists getting knocked off their bike, by people not checking before opening their vehicle’s door.

The Dutch Reach is simplicity itself.

You just open the door with your opposite hand.

Your body then naturally swivels around so you look behind.

You will then spot any approaching cyclists.

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