Help Us As We Stroll Along Memory Lane

Corinium Radio is taking a stroll down Memory Lane.

It’s all part of the station’s 15th anniversary celebrations.

We are on the hunt for past volunteers, who have played their part over the years in helping make Corinium Radio the award-winning local community station it has become.

To Celebrate, we want you to come forward and re-live memories of past events with us.

Plus, we’d love to share a look at any old photographs and so on you might have from back in the day. So we’re hoping you’ll get in touch.

And it’s not just volunteers we’re looking for to help us recall past events.

Perhaps you were interviewed about the work of your community group or came to us as a student to gain work experience. If so, we’d love to hear from you again!

If you can help us stir the memory pot contact Corinium Radio Chair Carole Boydell at