Council Bid To Get Help For Flood Victims

A bid has been made to get more help for Cotswold families affected by recent flooding.

The leader of Cotswold District Council has written to Thames Water looking for more support for those affected by sewage flooding over the Christmas period.

In the letter, Cllr Joe Harris calls for a detailed report explaining what happened and what action will now be taken to prevent further incidents of sewage flooding.

Thames Water is responsible for managing the sewer system in large parts of the Cotswolds.

The district council is also looking into what schemes are available to compensate residents affected.

A number of Cotswold District Council cabinet members, councillors and officers were on scene throughout the most recent incident over Christmas, supporting local residents with sandbags, pumps and temporary toilet facilities.

The council is looking to pull together all the local agencies responsible for managing flooding to help develop solutions that will benefit local residents.

Joe Harris said, “Thames Water needs to act in order to prevent river water infiltrating sewage systems on this scale again.

“However, it is not just sewage flooding we need to prevent. We need a robust flood prevention and emergency response plan in place.”