Cotswold site reveals “Jurassic Park” finds

The largest find of Jurassic starfish and their relatives ever discovered in the UK has been made in the Cotswolds.

The Natural History Museum has carried out an excavation at a secret location (not depicted by this article’s photo).

The museum’s senior curator Dr Tim Ewin says the site is comparable to the best in the world.

The site was discovered by two non-professional paleontologists who then alerted the museum to its possible importance.

The couple behind the discovery were Sally and Neville Hollingworth.

The site would have been a warm, relatively shallow sea some 167 million years ago.

Sally said, “We were looking for new sites to explore once lockdown ended.

“The site we eventually discovered, a small quarry, seemed perfect.”

Neville added, “We thought we would find a few interesting specimens but never expected the site to be so special.”

The museum team spent three days excavating the site and hope to return again in the near future.


Image by Ian Dunlop from Pixabay. Photo does not depict location of excavation site.