Cirencester’s Council Tax rises by 17.9%

Cirencester Town Council (CTC) has announced a Council Tax rise of 17.9% in 2022-23.

Explaining the increase in a news article published on its website at the end of January, the council said: “This year, we are faced with the challenges in completing the town centre scheme and providing accessible public toilets in the Abbey Grounds.”

It added that the extra money it requires to cover the anticipated cost of these projects is £320,000, though it noted that just under a quarter of this will come from its reserves and other income streams.

The Council Tax increase equivalates to a Band D household paying an extra £2.15 a month, or £25.80 in a year.

“Ideally, in any given year, we have aimed to keep increases below 2.5% and only increase the Council Tax beyond this when we have support and endorsement from residents,” CTC said.

“In 2023-24, we hope to be able to reduce the Council Tax by up to 12%, which would see a reduction of just under £20.”

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Image by Ron Porter from Pixabay