Missing Link

June 15, 2021 @ 12:00 am – 1:00 am

This is the show that brings all things osteopathic to the airwaves, blowing away many of the urban myths that surround osteopathy by top osteopath Tony Nevin, the “World’s First All Species Osteopath. All this, and music that rocks the world of osteopathy.

Don’t forget you can follow Tony via his websites atwww.zooost.com, www.horseost.co.uk, and www.tonynevinosteopaths.co.uk. Checkout his Blog, Twitter and FB pages (all with the same names as the websites),LinkedIn as Tony Nevin, and Instagram as TonyNevin104 as well as his You Tube channel (Zoo Ost). If you like reading then why not follow Tony’s regular articles in Animal Therapy Magazine too.


Please contact Tony if you’d like something featured in the programme, including the chance to tell your own story. He’d love to hear from you.