Why not use the skills and expertise of our talented volunteers at Corinium Radio to help you reach local customers?

Everyone wants to attract more customers and make sure people understand what their business does.

As a not-for-profit community radio station, our rates are extremely accessible — and we’re very friendly!

Speak to us about sponsoring a show

The Jazz Cave discovered how easy it is — they sponsor our programme Charlie’s Jazz Picks every week, using the radio show to promote their monthly gig at The Kings Head Hotel in Cirencester. Obviously, the hotel closed its doors to events during COVID-19, so we are working with Paul, the proprietor, to produce one-off specials — listen here!

Share your idea for a podcast with us

Cirencester Scene magazine discovered how easy it is to make a podcast. Fitting in with owner Jan’s busy schedule, we created a 15-minute masterclass for her to share her vast knowledge gained over 12 years of publishing.

Collaborate with us to put your business in front of people

The Klaxon is a small business bringing free performance from impressive theatres (such as the National Theatre) to the comfort of your own home through the promotion of interviews with some of the star actors. Sophie, the founder of The Klaxon, discovered how easy it was to expand her network by working with us to reach our listeners.

Talk to us about reaching more people with Corinium Radio

Call Liz Young on 07967 402062 or email liz.young@coriniumradio.co.uk to tell us your idea!

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