Charlie’s Jazz Picks (04/03/21)

Join Charles Stevens, in association with The Jazz Cave of Cirencester, as he plays jazz that’s familiar and also not-so-familiar

The Shed of Steele in association with The Jazz Cave (02/03/21)

Cooperation between The Jazz Cave and Charlies Jazz Picks presents a recording of a live streaming from The Shed of Steele for their second show. Joining Alex Steele piano, and Paul Jefferies on Bass is the acclaimed jazz singer Fleur Stevenson.

There is an additional half hour in honour of Chick Corea, the influential American jazz keyboardist, composer and band leader who sadly passed away three weeks ago.

The Chris Martin Eclectic Radio Show (02/03/21)

Each week a different theme for the music in the show ranging from a certain word in the title that takes you on a Magical Musical Mystery Tour

Lisa the Story Wizard (02/03/21)

Join Lisa the Story Wizard for a show filled with stories and tales, both traditional, mythological & modern interpretations, for the young & the young at heart!

Classic Country with Pat O’Carroll (02/03/21)

Pat O’Carroll presents a new Classic Country music show recorded via Zoom

Limelight (01/03/21)

This edition features more of those nostalgic TV and radio theme tunes from bygone days.

The Missing Link (01/03/21)

This is the show that brings all things osteopathic to the airwaves, blowing away many of the urban myths that surround osteopathy by top osteopath Tony Nevin, the “World’s First All Species Osteopath.” In todays’ show Tony talks about knee pain, its origins and causes, as well as treatment approaches. All this and the music that rocks the world of osteopathy.
Don’t forget you can follow Tony via his websites at,, and Check out his Blog (Medium as Tony Nevin), Twitter and FB pages (all with the same names as the websites), LinkedIn as Tony Nevin, and Instagram as TonyNevin104 as well as his You Tube channel (Zoo Ost). If you like reading then why not follow Tony’s regular articles in Animal Therapy Magazine too. He is also the main author and one of the editors of “Animal Osteopathy – a comprehensive guide to the osteopathic treatment of animals and birds,” published by Handspring Publishing.

Please contact Tony if you’d like something featured in the programme, including the chance to tell your own story. He’d love to hear from you.

Teague Time with Shirley Teague (28/02/21)

Shirley dusts off her record collection to bring you the tunes of yesterday. Some familiar ones and some you’ll be surprised with!

Somewhere Else Writers presents (28/02/21)

Somewhere Else Writers presents recent writings, covering the perennial themes of nature, human relationships, mystery and… the Scottish highlands

Exploring History (27/02/21)

Every month Tony Colman will be searching far and wide to bring you stories to tickle your historical taste buds. There’ll be tales from the past and culture and heritage will also feature heavily. Tony will also be taking a look at how history plays a part in life as we live it today. So whatever your historical interest the hope is there’ll be lots to keep you coming back.