Corinium Radio has travelled quite a distance since it was launched in 2006. Initially broadcasting only two weekends each year, we are now ‘on-air’ every hour of every day thanks to our extremely talented and committed volunteers who make their programmes in all sorts of different ways.

We are an eclectic group with all sorts of different interests but what brings us together is a passion for local community radio and delight in sharing our thoughts and ideas with all our listeners.

In 2014 we began to broadcast as an internet community radio station and, since then, Corinium Radio has proved itself to be at the heart of the community, increasing its listener numbers (est. 22,000) through providing quality LIVE and recorded shows from our Cirencester studio in Bingham House and from Outside Broadcasts at Cotswolds events such as Phoenix Festival and Fleece Fayre.

In 2019 we welcomed over 1200 visitors to our studio, working with local schools (providing work experience), community groups (such as CHURN, CHYP, U3A), Town and District Councils and businesses, offering training to help them make shows or be interviewed to promote their cause or tell their story.

Meet some of the wonderful volunteers who together make Corinium Radio happen.

Corinium Radio regularly supports local celebrations and events such as Abbey900 and We Remember, often creating special shows highlighting the people involved in planning and execution. We are currently recording residents experiences of living through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our volunteers range in age from 8 to 80+. Some like to present shows, some like to work on the technical side as sound engineers – all are volunteers. Everyone is encouraged to participate and shape how the radio station is run through a monthly forum meeting; we also have a Management Team who look after the operational side of the station and a team of five directors who oversee the strategic direction of Corinium Radio.

Everyone who becomes involved in Corinium Radio, either as a volunteer, a sponsor or supporter is invited to join our Corinium Radio Collective so that you can keep up with our news and community activities………..and, in the good times, our parties! Why don’t you join us?