Sheer Isolation Podcast – with Tom Haynes (Grasslands) (20/06/21)

We’re joined on this week’s Sheer Isolation by musician, model maker and ecologist, Tom Haynes, a.k.a. Grasslands. Tom tells us about how he got to tell off Jeremy Clarkson for wanting to build a pond, and how that ended up featuring on the TV star’s new Amazon Prime series; Clarkson’s Farm. He also talks about recording sounds in nature which he converts into samples to create songs, why he played 30 gigs in 30 days just before Covid arrived, why he’s always accompanied by a toy badger and wolf hat, and why he played a gig to a field of cows. Tunes this week include one of Tom’s newest tunes, and we also play a track from indie acoustic songwriter, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

In news, we discuss how the extended four week delay to restrictions has led to the cancellation of more local festivals, with one of Wiltshire’s largest music weekends still hanging in the balance.