Sheer Isolation Podcast – Lorena Pino Montilla (Trowbridge Film Club) (30/05/21)

Our guest on this week’s Sheer Isolation has made it her mission to bring minority communities together through music, singing, and now movies. Lorena Pino Montilla moved from Venezuela to teach Spanish in Wiltshire, and has always looked for ways of reaching out to groups who may feel isolated due to language or religious barriers.
She talks about how the Trowbridge Song Project brought women together to share cultural and traditional music with each other. Her latest project is working with Trowbridge Town Hall to screen films from around the globe, in a way that makes them accessible to as many people as possible.

On the music front we’re playing a double helping of traditional folk. Representing the UK we have The Albion Band, and Lorena’s choice is the C4 Trio from Venezuela. We also talk about our first real-life gigs of the year, and the fiasco surrounding last week’s virtual Glastonbury festival.