Sheer Isolation 37- with Brian Keen (1) (31/01/21)

Joining us on this week’s Sheer Isolation is Brian Keen – one of the West’s longest-serving sound engineers. Bri has been part of Swindon’s music scene for years, and spent several years hosting a local music show in the town with our very own Jon. In this two part interview, we go back to the seventies when Bri was first starting out in the music industry, his time spent at Island Records working with upcoming artists who went on to become the household names, going on tour with Ultravox, and how technology has changed the role of the sound engineer as we’ve moved from requiring tonnes of machinery to needing just a laptop with a studio app.

On the music front we have a brand new track from Devizes grunge act Gary Martian, and Bri picks a tune from one of his favourite acts, Cirencester Americana duo, The Black Feathers.

Meanwhile, Kieran has another rant about the latest idea from the PRS, and shares the news of his first gig of the year.


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