The Sheer Isolation Podcast (15/11/20) – with Talis Kimberley-Fairbourne

On this week’s Sheer Isolation we’re joined by Talis Kimberley-Fairbourne – a keen folk musician, knitter, environmentalist and campaigner.

Her summer’s are usually filled with festival slots, folk clubs and entertaining the crowds at protest marches.

She talks to us about what inspired her to use music to help right the world’s wrongs, her kitchen sessions series, and ponders what Christmas will be like without the traditional groups of carollers.

We’ve also got two easy-on-the-ear tracks this week… One from Swindon songwriter, Paul Lappin; the other from Wiltshire folk band, The Yirdbards, which was recorded at the Bradford-on-Avon folk club last year, back when gigs happened in real life.